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We can quickly analyze customers’ packaging needs and provide sustainable solutions


A Brief History

About In 1970, our owners Jim Gieber and Frank James understood how their engineering expertise would be a valuable asset to the packaging industry. By combining their film and machine knowledge, customers interests were more efficiently served by providing greater productivity. This synergy would lead to a continuous stream of enhanced processes, patents and new technology leading to the growth of the flexible films industry.

Packaging Is Our Primary Business

As a distributor SPS represents some of the best manufacturers in the Packaging Industry for both equipment and supplies. We provide customers with the latest in packaging technology and advances.

Complete Packaging Line Integration

  • SPS is dedicated to providing technical solutions to customers’ packaging challenges.
  • Coordinate packaging design and material evaluation.
  • Develop and engineer enhancements to packaging equipment such as our patented Green Machine Side Sealer.
  • Technical Sales Force of 21 people including 7 engineers.


  • Unequaled support for the systems we distribute.
  • Highly trained Field Technicians (1 to 1 ratio to Sales) available for installations, training and support.
  • Full service machine shop.
  • Rebuild/upgrade and retrofit many types of packaging equipment.
  • $1 million spare parts inventory to minimize customer down-time and related cost.
  • Over $3 million in equipment inventory which is available for quick delivery, rental and rent-to-purchase.