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Our Focus

Our Focus DartTo succeed in business an organization must have a clear vision for delighting customers, a passion to execute flawlessly and an ability to bring measureable value to their customers.

In order to achieve our vision, SPS Corporation maintains three core principles that have stood the test of time over our last 40 years in business:

  • Find and retain excellent employees
  • Develop partnerships with the best manufacturers in the industry
  • Identify and retain high quality customers that need assistance with their packaging process.

The continued growth of our company to multiple locations with annual sales of over $50 million confirms that these core principles are still necessary and of value to our over 1,000 customers.

As we look forward to the challenges that lay ahead, our Executive, Sales and Customer Support Teams will work tirelessly to continue these commitments to our customers, employees and supplier partners.  We clearly understand that you are our path to continued  success.

Get to know SPS.  You’ll understand how we are IDEA driven.