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Our History



In the early 70’s Jim Gieber and Frank James decided to leave their engineering positions at DuPont Company to fulfill their entrepreneurial spirit.  They formed a unique friendship, partnership and a company which they would name Shrink Packaging Systems Corporation (SPS).  

Jim and Frank believed then, as they still do now, that there were four critical elements to meeting customer needs as a provider of packaging materials, equipment and services.  These elements were:

  • Provide innovation and continuous improvement
  • Improve productivity and uptime with quality technical support
  • Execute flawlessly
  • Deliver our products and services at a competitive cost

Nashua WarehouseJim and Frank understood how their engineering expertise would be a valuable asset to the packaging industry. By combining their film and machine knowledge, customers’ interests were more efficiently served by providing greater productivity. This synergy would lead to a continuous stream of enhanced processes, patents and new technology leading to the growth of the flexible films industry.

Get to know SPS.  You’ll understand how we are IDEA driven.