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Packaging Automation, stretch, shrink

SPS is a packaging engineering based sales organization. Throughout our 40 years of operations we have been involved with a wide range of applications across all industry segments.  This depth of experience allows our Packaging Automation Teams to apply real time experience to develop the best, proven solution available.

It is our focus to supply a competitive solution that will give years of fulfillment to our client’s bottom line. This is a multi-stage process which our TEAM has broken down into the following steps:

  • Identify automation goals and labor saving opportunities for client.
  • Develop and audit process metrics to quantify and rank automation benefits.
  • Engineer multiple solutions and lay out features and benefits of both for the business unit.
  • Align each solution with customer priorities while developing ROI estimates and projecting capital outlays.
  • Provide required level of installation, training and life cycle technical support for project implementation.

When choosing a partner in automation it is important they have the breadth and depth of experience to support a project from concept to validation.  Whether you need the expertise of our 6 degreed Packaging Engineers or experience of our 17 Service Technicians, SPS can provide the necessary level of support required for any automation effort.  Contact SPS, your packaging automation expert. 

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