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Eliminating Labor while Increasing Load Containment

Large regional grocery distribution center is hand wrapping 600-750 order-picked loads per day. Load containment is unsatisfactory and customers are receiving damaged product.

Lantech S-300XTs were set up side by side in a four-station layout in the loading dock area. A dual pallet truck delivers the loads and they are stretch wrapped simultaneously with the proper load containment force every time. Operator involvement is minimal as the wrapping cycle is activated with a remote lanyard START switch after placing loads in each wrapping station.

Lantech S300XT Grocery

Plant flow and productivity increases were achieved while also eliminating the labor associated with intensive hand wrapping and inefficient double-handling of loads.  Load containment was increased and standardized resulting in product being delivered “as shipped”.  The Simple Automation™ provided by SPS and Lantech eliminated operator involvement in the wrapping process and kept operators on the forktruck.