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Skin Packaging

Although an underutilized packaging technology, SPS has seen a rise in skin packaging for kitting applications.  Instead of bagging parts for rebuild or spare part kits which can lead to loss or damage – skin packaging locks down these kit parts to a board or card and protects them during shipping and handling.  Skin packaging is also used for retail applications where a product is skinned to a printed board and then the board is die cut for hanger holes for in store display.

Check out our Skin application products, for kitting and other examples.
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Learn more on our vendor AMPAK’s YouTube channel.  They have several videos on skin packaging applications.       

   Skin Packaging on a Thrifty Pack System              Skin Packaging System with Rotocut Die Cutter

Skin Packaging                                                  Skin Packaging






SPS offers several skin packaging machine options, from our best selling entry level machine, the Thrifty Pack to the Master skin machine for large applications like replacement windshields.  Our SPS sales team is happy to help you qualify applications.  Contact us today or send us your products and we’ll be happy to run samples.

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