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Shrink Sleeve Applicators


Shrink sleeves provide your product with 360 degrees of brand and product recognition.  The band provides ample space for graphics making for a more eye catching presentation to the consumer.  A shrink sleeve applicator is critical for economically applying shrink sleeves in a production environment.  These applicators can handle a wide variety of sizes with relatively few changeover parts and minimal downtime between products.  The shrink sleeve applicator can  also create horizontal and vertical perforations for tamper evidency and ease of opening.

Sleeve applicators operate at speeds of 30-400 packages per minute for single head machines and twice that speed for dual head designs.   Custom infeed designs are traditionally needed  to control the product and create the proper spacing.  In addition you will need a proportionally sized heat tunnel to shrink the sleeves around your product.   

The design and set-up of the shrink applicator system you need will vary product to  product.  Let an SPS Packaging Specialist determine the right sleeve  applicator solution for you.  Our experienced engineering team will help you grow your product sales and reduce your packaging costs.

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