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SPS Corporation is a strategic partner in the distribution of a variety of clear, metalized and cavitated polypropylene overwrap films.  The most popular, biaxially oriented polypropylene (better known as BOPP) provides superior clarity, resistance to UV light, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, and a smooth printable surface.  It is one of the most highly versatile lightweight packaging films.

Polypropylene packaging films are surface treated for superior heat-sealing capabilities and printability.  They may also be PVdC or acrylic coated in order to increase the barrier properties of the film against oxygen, water vapor, and aromas.  An acrylic coating on polypropylene packaging also improves film clarity. Anti-fog or anti-static treatments are also available.

SPS distributes coxtruded polypropylene packaging films in a wide variety of thicknesses and specifications including cavitated, white or metallized versions.  We also offer cast polypropylene formulations (known as CP) for mechanical wrapping applications.

Need help in choosing the right Polypropylene film for your application?  Give an SPS Packaging Specialist a call today.  We can help you specify the correct film for your application.  You’ll learn why SPS is IDEA driven.