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PVC Shrink Films

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SPS Corporation is proud to represent the quality line of Reynolon PVC Shrink Films, an industry leading premium over-wrap film. PVC shrink properties can be customized to provide tailored shrinkage for clean, virtually wrinkle-free packages. PVC can also be produced in very soft and stiff formulations.  In addition to the various technical advantages of PVC films, many of the Reynolon film products are also approved for food contact per FDA regulations and have been certified as Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Less energy is required to wrap your product in Reynolon Shrink Film.  Lower temperature shrink technology allows for faster line speeds, higher output, lower maintenance costs and decreased energy costs. Shrink tunnel temperatures for Reynolon films are much lower than those required to shrink polyolefin films, often as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. These lower tunnel temperatures use less energy not only by requiring less energy to heat the tunnel but also by decreasing the need for additional air conditioning for operator comfort.

Utilizing Reynolon Film can allow for an overall reduction in packaging materials. PVC film is an excellent vehicle to help reduce the overall packaging materials used for a product. Due to PVC film’s low shrink force and the ability to customize the shrink percentages, primary packaging, such as chip board in cartons or backing board can be reduced or eliminated without the final product warping or deforming due to the influence of the shrink force of the film. Examples of such applications are home air filters and light weight printed material wrapped without backer board. Reynolon film can be tailored to specifically fit unique applications, like giftwrap.

Still not sure if PVC Shrink Film is right for your application?  Call an SPS Packaging Specialist today to review your products and production process.  You’ll quickly learn why SPS is IDEA driven.