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Skin Packaging Film

Sskin-2kin packaging provides outstanding product presentation and brand recognition for retail items.  A skin package consists of two components: a clear Surlyn based film and a coated paperboard or corrugated backing.  The board is typically coated with a heat-seal dispersion coating and can be printed in up to 10 vibrant process colors.

Skin packaging is used in two ways. For visual carded display, skin packages are typically rack hung, and are often a cost-effective alternative to blister packs, five-panel cartons, fold-over cards and rack-hung thermoforms. A second common application is industrial skin packaging to protect products in transit. Products as divergent as fresh meat and poultry, hardware, service repair kits and cosmetics may be skin skin-packagingpackaged instead of using die-cut corrugated, foam-in place, foam peanuts and other stabilizing or dunnage materials. Skin packaging offers high throughputs, and full visibility to check for tampering or missing components and allow quick identification, usually at no significant cost reductions.

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