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Reduce Cost

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At SPS, we understand the problems our customers face every day. We know how to create cost effective packaging that will increase efficiency and save money. We understand that controlling and reducing packaging costs is vital to a company’s survival. Our packaging engineering teams can yield these packaging cost savings without sacrificing the quality of your offering.  
With over 40 years of experience in industrial and consumer packaging , we have a firm understanding of our client’s needs. SPS specializes in developing cost saving solutions for contract packaging, pharmaceutical, food/beverage, paper/publishing, direct fulfillment and 3PL industries.  Supplying cost effective packaging and process audits is our mission.
Here are just a few examples of our cost saving opportunities:
  • Shrink Film Process Audits – There are multiple factors which affect the grade, gauge, and final roll width of shrink film being used in your manufacturing process.  Our packaging engineering team has the tools and objective criteria to assess your shrink film needs and requirements.  We will define the optimal film for your products.
  • Lean Wrap Stretch Film Analysis – This is not your average film test!  Our Lean Wrap analysis checks every aspect of your stretch film use and compares it against empirical data we have gathered over years of testing to ensure the lowest cost per unit effectively shipped.  On average we can save roughly 20% in film use while reducing product damage during distribution.
  • Carton Sealing Tape Reduction –  Most customers ship their products utilizing corrugated RSC cartons sealed with pressure sensitive tapes.  Tape grades, gauges, and widths can vary greatly.  In addition, the application of these tapes is often an inefficient and wasteful process.  SPS can help you specify the correct tape and optimize it’s use. 

Let SPS show you how we can reduce waste and improve your bottom line.  Give us a call today to set-up a free SPS audit at your facility.

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