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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management, Packaging

Supply chain management accounts for a significant amount of costs for any business so it is important to work with your vendors to save money wherever you can. Check out just what SPS can do to save some money when securing supplies:

  1. Exchange data on supply chain performance – SPS will monitor metrics critical to enabling your business to run more cost effectively.
  2. Provide quality packaging supplies at the right price – Although it is tempting to look at the price first, we feel you should look for quality materials and equipment offered at the right price.  This will improve your manufacturing process and reduce the amount of defective or substandard goods being produced. 
  3. Focus on forecasting – we have automated ordering and stocking systems to ensure you’re not carrying unnecessary inventory or in risk of shutting down your production lines.
  4. Eliminate waste – inquire about our Just-In-Time delivery programs or Consignment inventories.

SPS has used these guiding principles to enable us to be the preferred packaging provider for our clients.  We realize that cost is not just the price of the product or service being sold.  Some costs are hidden and unaccounted for. Let us help you measure and control your supply chain costs.

Get to know SPS.  You’ll understand how we are IDEA driven!