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Direct Fulfillment

SPS understands how Direct Fulfillment Service Providers are in charge of handling brand images with professionalism and expertise.  This  encourages customers to remain loyal to your company for years to come. By providing dependable and affordable packaging equipment and materials, our direct fulfillment teams will enable you to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We will work with you to utilize the most rapid and effective means to design your direct fulfillment line. We can provide wrapping equipment, labelers, ink jet, pick-n-place, conveyors, pack stations or whatever your process requires.  Rental and leasing arrangements are also available for short term needs.  We can help design kit assemblies and develop unique packaging solutions to make sure your customer’s needs are met and your company is professionally represented.

SPS will work with you every step of the way in designing a direct fulfillment process. No matter your individual needs, we can construct a packaging support plan to fit your company’s requirements. Working with SPS ensures satisfaction for both you and the consumer. 

Get to know SPS.  You’ll understand how we are IDEA driven.