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SPS Corporation has over 40 years of experience in developing and maintaining Pharmaceutical packaging requirements.  This area of packaging presents a unique set of challenges.  Every pharmaceutical company and their individual products can have a unique set of requirements based on an extensive set of mandatory Food and Drug Administration (FDA) packaging regulations. Effective equipment solutions, definable material parameters and dependable lifecycle support are all critical intertwined elements. 

SPS will work closely with your engineering and manufacturing teams to deliver customized and validated solutions to fit your rigorous manufacturing requirements. SPS offers flexible, reliable and secure packaging solutions for medical, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications. Packaging types include shrink, blisters, trays, labeling and tamper evident seals, along with a partial and full turnkey packaging lines.  We’ll ensure your product gets to its destination without compromise. 

Join the SPS family and let us share our breadth and depth of packaging experience.  Some of SPS’s pharmaceutical capabilities include:

  • Trusted, certified material formulations
  • Equipment designs based on GMP and Validation principles
  • Factory trained and insured Technical Service Teams
  • FDA-approved resin blends

Get to know SPS.  You’ll understand how we are IDEA driven!